Win Your Year

Dan Silvestre

The Simple Step-by-Step Goal-Setting System to Set and Achieve Your Goals This Year

What if I told you that every year can be better than the last?

That this year can be better than last year. And next year can be better than this year. And on and on.

That’s exactly how my years have been.

My “secret”?

I use a simple 5-step process to plan my years.

And the good news?

Today, you get to copy it and Win Your Year too.

✨ New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you know how many people fail to achieve their New Year's resolutions each year?


And most of them lose their resolve after a couple of weeks.

You see, the problem is that very often, we are too ambitious when setting our goals.

Or we just randomly set a goal, like “I want to get healthier” or “I’m going to drink more water.”

By February, we fail.

And life goes on.

Here’s the truth:

Most people set goals and New Year's resolutions COMPLETELY wrong.

So what about the other 20% that do achieve their goals? What makes them special?

Are they super-achievers, intrinsically better, or more motivated?

Of course not.

They win their years because they have a process.

📈 How to Win Your Year

You know how CRUCIAL it is to plan your goals for the year.

What you’re missing is a process for planning and achieving your goals.

And I should know!

For years, I struggled with the same problem. I never seemed to find the right way to plan my year.

It can be so overwhelming.

Only after hundreds of hours of research and trial and error I came up with a simple process that covers all the important details of how to easily plan your year.

Now, I’m not perfect.

But I’ve spent YEARS optimizing my goal-setting process. I know what works and what doesn’t.

And I’ve distilled my process into 5 simple steps:

1. Reflect

2. Design

3. Plan

4. Define

5. Measure

In Win Your Year, I'll show you:

     ✍🏼  The right way to review your year

     🧠  How to design your year

     🎯  How to set your goals for the upcoming year (and how to make them actionable)

     ⭐  How to define what success looks like for each of your goals

     📅  The best way to set deadlines for your goals

     📏  How to bring your attention back to your goals every single week (so they survive past the first few weeks of the year)

⚙️ 10 Easy Exercises With Templates

In each of the 5 steps to Win Your Year, you'll find 2 easy exercises.

And each step has a template you can use to complete those exercises, just like this one (here’s a sneak peek):

Don't let your year happen TO you.

Grab control of your year by taking definitive action.

You have 3 options...

🔥 Templates Only ($10)

Access to the 5 templates to complete the 10 exercises.

📖 Templates + Book ($37)

The 5 templates + a complete 30-page guide to the 5 steps with lots of pro tips and examples of my own experience.

🤯Templates + Book + Advanced Video Workshop ($67)

Everything above + the 40 min Advanced Workshop: "Winning at Execution".

Most goals fail because we’re missing proven implementation tactics. Winning a battle takes both strategy and tactics.

They say knowledge is power. But knowledge is only powerful if you act on it.

Execution is the single greatest market differentiator.

Most people know how to get back in shape—eat better, exercise more—they just don’t do it. It’s not a knowledge problem; it’s an execution problem.

So in this 40 min video advanced workshop, I'll show you to:

     💪  Execute Like a Pro: The (Only) 3 Techniques You Need to Execute Like a Pro

     🏃‍♀️  Master Habits: The 4 Easy Steps to Create Good Habits (Or Break Bad Ones)

     🔑  Beat the Messy Middle: How to Get Going When the Going Gets Tough

💰 100% Money-Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked

If you find that this process didn’t work for you, I am happy to refund your entire purchase within 30 days. No questions asked.

  • The Simple Step-by-Step Goal-Setting System to Set and Achieve Your Goals This Year

  • The Simple Step-by-Step Goal-Setting System to Set and Achieve Your Goals This Year
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